002: Winning when losing, fun and free-will

July 25, 2021
Hi friends,

This week I got commissioned to make some cool art (pics at the end of this post). Because the cash was bonus and unexpected I didn’t know what to do with it. The first thing that came to mind were the fun things I could buy with it. In the end I used it to buy more art supplies. If things go well and I sell all the art I make, there’s the possibility of 66X ROI 🤓 If I don’t sell the art I’ll still have had a good time painting and all the practice will lead to being a better painter.

If you’re faced with a decision, wherever possible its best to make the decision that leads to the most upside, even if you ‘lose’.


Harder Than It Looks, Not as Fun as It Seems

This is an excellent phrase to keep in mind when looking at anyone with envy. In a world where everyone is showing the best side of themselves it’s useful to remember that a lot of effort goes into making the effortless look easy. “The Chris Rock I see on Netflix is hilarious, flawless. The Chris Rock that performs in dozens of small clubs each year is just OK.”

Thoughts on Free Will

Your environment shapes you more than you think. If you want to be excellent it really helps if you design an environment that helps you be excellent. Otherwise you’re just pushing rocks up-hill. I’ve had a taste of this in the past two weeks. I’ve always wanted to write and study consistently but lacked the ‘discipline’ to do so. Then I got some friends to write and study with. Now it’s easy and fun and something that just happens on autopilot. Environment > Discipline.

Voluntary Governments

This article is pretty trippy in that it paints a picture of a future where governments are rapidly iterated in the same way that businesses undergo rapid change in order to meet the needs of the market. Good read if you’re interested in seeing how the world could work in the not too distant future. When I’m skeptical of new technology I think back to how ridiculous the concept of email was back in 1991.

Living on the Internet

Related to the article above, this article paints a picture of how we’re increasingly living online. The trend was always pointing that way, COVID just accelerated things. In some ways this is a ‘bad’ thing, but the upside is more access to opportunities as where you live in the world doesn’t matter as much anymore.


End Note

This is something new I’m trying out. If you liked it, or if a part resonated with you let me know! 

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