Be Like Charlie

I found this article really interesting. Charlie Munger is one of the worlds wealthiest investors. You’d think that he just studies investing theory.

But he didn’t become one of the worlds wealthiest men by doing what you think he’d do. Instead he reads deeply on everything. He knows a lot about a lot. It’s this ability that he’s cultivated over the past 60 years that allows him to make connections between fields that no one can make connections to and thus profit from making better investing decisions.

Bill Gates said “He is truly the broadest thinker I have ever encountered. From business principles to economic principles to the design of student dormitories to the design of a catamaran he has no equal… Our longest correspondence was a detailed discussion on the mating habits of naked mole rats and what the human species might learn from them.” The article writer adds: 

“Many of the top scientists, business leaders, inventors and artists throughout time have also achieved their breakthrough successes by being an expert-generalist. Albert Einstein was trained in physics, but to formulate his law of general relativity, he taught himself an area of mathematics far removed from his expertise, Riemannian geometry. James Watson and Francis Crick combined discoveries in X-ray diffraction technology, chemistry, evolutionary theory and computation to solve the puzzle of the double helix. Steve Jobs, of course, drew on insights from his study of calligraphy and a rich understanding of design to create a new breed of computing devices.”

If you find this compelling and interesting you should definitely read the full article which you can see here.

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