Be Willing to Suck

February 17, 2020

A few months back I got a surfing lesson. I sucked pretty bad 😂

But being in the ocean was super life affirming. I want to get back into the ocean again and surf some more.

I think surfing is an ultimate life hack. You’re active, your having fun, you’re in the ocean, you’re improving your fitness. When I’m at the beach I see people in their 60’s surfing. I think that’s pretty cool.

If you want to get better at anything I reckon it helps to love what you want to get better at. Or have a really compelling reason to keep at it to propel you through sucking so you can enter the zone of performing 🦁💪🏼😎

David Pita is an artist and writer and consults as a web designer and conversion copywriter. His writing explores how to thrive and succeed as a human and his art is an expression of vibrant joy.

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