Feelings after Fasting

I’m feeling good! ????

It’s very early days, something I’ve been doing over the past two days is fasting for 20-23 hrs.

I thought it was going to be HARD. I’ve been known to be unpleasant to be around when I’m hungry, so Brea was pretty worried. But it’s been going good!

I’m actually surprised at how much sustained energy I’ve been having throughout the day and overall levels of zest.

I also realised how much I reach for food when feeling emotionally uncomfortable.

Fasting has forced me to sit with the discomfort, ride the 2-3 minute wave, then just go on with my life without needing to pacify or suppress. I’ve really liked that.

What’s been motivating me are:
1. Wanting to look ripped (ie. I’ve been putting on weight).
2. Wanting to challenge myself and give it a go.
3. Wanting the health benefits of my cells having more time to clean themselves.

Two things that’ve helped are that Brea fasts this way as well, and using a free app called ‘Zero’. It tracks down the time to your next meal which makes fasting really fun for me.

I recommend giving fasting a go!

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