What it Took to Make the ‘Finding Ali’ Documentary

Last week I watched an incredible documentary my friend Jamie Henshall produced and directed. It’s called ‘Finding Ali’

It told his journey of searching for his father in Bangladesh, his father who he hadn’t seen for thirty three years. All he had was a birth certificate and one photo to find one man in a country of 168 million people. You can watch it for free on his website here. (I highly recommend you do, its an extremely well made documentary that’ll make you feel every emotion).

Sitting in the cinema surrounded by hundreds of people watching my friend share his journey on the big screen made an impact on me. This was a personal project he took on alongside the responsibilities of growing and operating his business, being a husband and being a father for the first time.

Here’s some of what it took to make the documentary:

  • 30 hrs of footage
  • 280 hrs of editing
  • 80k in expenses
  • A team of 5
  • 35,000km travelled over 3 continents

Observing the remarkable it’s easy to think that the people we look up to don’t have the same constraints that we do.

But they do.

We all have 24 hours in a day. We all have responsibilities to self, work, friends and family.

Is the answer “Just Do It!”

Maybe. Probably.

At a deeper level I’d say its three things:

  1. Having a different attitude towards time and the downward stream of cause and effect.
  2. Creating systems that make it easier to get what you want with less exertion and effort.
  3. Staying courageous to stick to the path.

These are topics I’ll go into more detail later. But for now here’s are several reflection questions.

1) What remarkable thing have you been wanting to create for a while now?
2) Why haven’t you started already?
3) Why is your answer to #2 bullshit?

To your success.

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