Good. The phrase that’s changed the game for me.

February 26, 2019


It’s a phrase and a mindset I learnt from Jocko Willink.

Whenever something isn’t going your way or when bad news surfaces find the good in it. Use that as fuel for your growth.

For example “I just spilled coffee all over my shirt”


This teaches me to be careful when holding my coffee. This teaches me to be more aware of my body.

In my case this morning I got my body scan results back. I was disappointed and had a wobbly smile when I saw them.

I’ve been working out and I thought my results would be better than they were.


My results tells me to dial in my nutrition, and to be more disciplined in my eating habits.

My results tell me to be conscientious about going to the gym on scheduled workout days and not skipping any workouts.


What’s something that’s ‘sucky’ in your life, and what lessons can you learn from it?

David Pita is a UX desgner, writer and artist. His writing and art explore the world we are living in today. 

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