How small e-commerce brands can compete with Amazon

I saw this article titled ‘The Amazon Effect And How Retailers Can Slay The Beast‘.

Being curious on how small brands can compete with a billion dollar business I read on.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Have compelling product pages. Pages that are exciting to look at and add to the experience of buying from your online store.
  • Help visitors buy the right product by getting them to do a quiz that ID’s the product that best fits their needs or desires.
  • Have video explanations that allows people to see the product in action, what it looks like, unboxing videos etc.
  • Send out regular newsletters that aren’t dry, boring or sterile. Instead make them fun and something people look forward to opening.
  • Have limited edition products, even offering certain products for a narrow window of time (like just for 48 hours for example).

If you’re an e-commerce brand, or do the marketing for an e-commerce brand consider applying these recommendations 🙂

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