How to Shift Your Paradigm from Fear to Joy

Last week I had a paradigm shift.

A shift that’s blown my mind, changed my day to day behaviour and will have exponential benefits for the rest of my life.

The paradigm shift came from 7 time world champion surfer Layene Beachley. She came to my workplace and she shared this gem of wisdom.

“Everything changed in my life when I moved from fear to fun”.


”Hey Layne, can you clarify what you mean?” I asked.

“Fear is when you’re caught up in the HOW. You’re afraid you can’t do it, so you back away and stay in the state of fear” she said.

Fun is when you focus on the WHY. You think about why you’re going for what you want and that energises you to move forward and have fun going for what you want.” Wow!

I quickly scribbled that down and kept it in the forefront of my mind.

In the past week that paradigm has been playing out and it’s amazed me how much fear I was living in. I noticed my mind instantly shutting ideas down and rejecting them.

That was really interesting.

It was interesting to observe “Oh, that’s fear talking. Interesting. I don’t need to listen to it though. I can choose different thoughts”.

Listening to fear has meant that I rejected myself, rejected my desires and highlighted all the reasons why things WON’T work.

Listening to fun has made me more resourceful, believe in myself more and look for all the reasons why things WILL work.

This is really powerful stuff and I’m very grateful that I was able to pick up this gem and incorporate it into my life.

I recommend giving this paradigm a try. See for yourself what effects it has on you.

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