How to Sleep Better

In Feb, the quality and length of my sleep wasn’t the best. It was ok, but wasn’t the greatest. As such I felt ‘dusty’. Not as sharp. Got sick more often. Couldn’t lift as heavy at the gym.

So in March I decided to make changes. Cos life’s too short to show up mediocre. The changes I made have been going great so far!

Here are some changes I’ve made:

  • Having a cold shower to reduce my core temperature.
  • Turning the air con in the bedroom to 18 degrees an hr before going to bed (apparently this is the best temperature for the body to rest in).
  • Activating sleep mode on my laptop and phone to go off after 7pm to prevent bright light from waking me up.
  • Having a ‘bed time’ alarm that signals it’s time to wrap up the day. The alarm is the sound of a nice relaxing meditation.
  • Lying down on my back and relaxing for 10 mins listening to a sleep meditation.
  • Having the following supplements before bed: 1 tablet magnesium, 2 tablets krill oil and a teaspoon of honey (recommendation from David Asprey).

The results have been very good and I’m going to continue doing what I listed above as well as experimenting with a few more things.

The big test I had to see whether these methods were working or not was whether:

  • I’d still be pumped and full of energy on Friday.
  • I’d be pumped for my Thursday morning workout.

That’s because my indicators of poor sleep are when I’m exhausted on Friday and working out on Thursday morning is the last thing on my mind.

I’m happy to say that these methods have worked. I’ve got loads of energy on Friday and pumped to the max for Thursday’s workout.

If sleep is something you’d like to get better at doing I recommend trying the things I listed above.

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