I was having a crappy morning. Then I did this…

A few days ago I caught myself ruminating and listing out the ways I had a crappy morning. So dumb because objectively speaking I had a great morning!

  • I had a delicious cup of hot coffee.
  • Journalled lots of insights and gratitude.
  • Painted with watercolours.
  • Had moments of love and connection with Brea.
  • Walked and cuddled my fur baby.It was a 10/10 morning! But my brain decided to lock onto a few minor inconveniences I noticed it at the gym, just a shitty cycle of thoughts focusing on dumb stuff. It affected my workout for about 10 minutes. I couldn’t lift as heavy as my mind was at war with itself

I didn’t like that. I wanted to lift heavy. I wanted my mind to be clear. I wanted to be a badass in the gym.

So I decided to fight fire with fire. If my brain was going to list out everything that was shit by default, I was going to list out everything that was awesome by choice.

In between sets I’d type out everything that was going great. As the number of sets grew, my list of awesome grew too.

I began to lift stronger ????

What I’ve begun to do since then has been to use the 2 min rest period between each set more intentionally.

Before I’d be scanning emails, scrolling through social media or reading articles in the rest between sets. Nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to play with the idea of focusing and magnifying what’s going well in my life.

This morning it was pretty cool closing my eyes when sitting at the workout bench and intensely visualising the small things and being intensely grateful for them. The mug that I drank out of. The coffee beans. My desk. My chair. The coloured pencils… all of it.

Why am I doing this?

I would like to spend most of my life and my time in a joyful state. That’s not my current default, but it’s pretty cool to know that with practice and perseverance I can get there 🙂

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