Island of Men – Sydney 2019

On the weekend I went to an awesome event called ‘Island of Men’.

The tagline of the event was “Helping men find a deeper connection with self, community and nature”. That’s exactly what I experienced.

It was incredible to connect with other men committed to uplevelling and being their most badass selves.

Coming off the back of my birthday the day felt like an celebration and birthing into something new, with awesome facilitators guiding us through Wim Hof breathing, cathartic dance and roaring of declaration and self affirmation.

The event also began to crack me open to be open to community and receiving support which is something I’m really grateful for as I’m not very good at that.

The next Island of Men event is in autumn next year. If you’re a dude that wants to challenge themselves and stretch their comfort zone I highly recommend you come to the next one.

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