Learning to swim

I had a cool experience two days ago.

An experience that blew my mind away.

An experience that redefined what I thought was possible for myself.

I signed up for a 1:1 swimming lesson because swimming whilst gasping for air and feeling like I was dying was my reality and I could only swim 5-10 metres at a time.

But I want to surf, and do triathlons, so that just won’t do.

So I signed up for the swim class.

The coach got me to do a tonne of drills. They were challenging yet easy. 90 mins later he said “Now swim”. What?! “Swim”


And so I swam. 100 metres. It was insane.

As I was swimming i could feel my brain rearranging itself to this new reality. It was crazy pushing past this physical limitation that I had for a very long time.

I had another swimming lesson today and swam 200 metres non stop.

That’s a 40X improvement in two days.

Good times.

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