Life Advice from The World’s Most Interesting Man

I remember sometime in 2009 studying marketing at uni. We had to find some cool ads to dissect and discuss.

It was in that searching that I discovered ‘The World’s Most Interesting Man’. He’s an amalgamation of every male archetype – warrior, lover, king and magician. Or in simpler terms, he’s an adventurer, a badass, a gentleman and a rogue.

I had great joy in reading this article where the actor behind the character shares his story of meeting one of his biggest fans – Barack Obama.

I’m super excited to hear he’s coming out with a book and I can’t wait to read it. Mainly cos this article that he wrote is so well written and I look forward to reading more of what he has to share.

He ends the article with this paragraph which I found fitting for a guy who’s known as ‘The World’s Most Interesting Man’.

“There are many lessons in my fantastic journey. As I approach my eighth decade, with more fans and adulation than I could ever deserve, I can say with certainty that to be interesting you have to be interested.


You can watch the parade that is life – and live vicariously through others, as many do, or you can get in and participate in your own journey. And the best time to go for broke is when you’re already there.”

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