Meeting Brad Yates

I met a YouTuber for the first time last night. It was really cool!

If you’re into personal development you may have heard of EFT (emotional freedom technique).

On YouTube there’s one person who dominates this space. That’s Brad Yates, the gent I’m pictured with here who’s made over 800 vids on the topic.

I really enjoyed attending his workshop last night where I let go of lots of old fears and worries.

The context of meeting him was interesting. An example of where a ‘breakdown becomes a breakthrough’.

You see, at work I’d become over invested in a project. So much so that in a 3 week period I had worked an 18hr day, got 2hrs sleep one night, was working weekends and had dropped all the good habits that I’d spent months building.

Well last week on Thursday my boss pulled me into his office and effectively said ‘that’s not cool man. You’ve got to look after yourself first before you can help others’.

That then led to a conversation on why I was operating the way I was, and the underlying causes of my behaviour. That then led to a conversation on EFT. My boss shared that its one of the main reasons for his success. That rung a bell. I had done EFT years ago, but fell out of the practice of using it.

That night I went to YouTube. Pulled up some EFT videos and remembered watching vids from a guy called Brad Yates. I went to his channel to see if he was still making vids. Not only did I see he was making vids, he was coming to Sydney to do a few workshops. On 11/11 as well! 

I signed up. Signed Brea up as well. Glad I went. Glad we went. Taking care of your emotional and mental hygiene, taking time to clear out the trash is time well spent.

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