Ocean Swimming for the First Time

March 4, 2019

On Saturday I went for an ocean swim with Bondi Fit Training.

The water was calm and there were barely any waves. “Easy” I thought to myself.

I thought wrong!

I thought I was fit.

I thought I was a legend!

I got smashed. SMASHED.

5 mins into the swim I said “Coach… I think I’m just gonna swim back to shore. I’m good. I can’t do this anymore”.

If only getting out of hard things was that easy!

The next 55 mins were gruelling. It became very clear to me I’ve got a long way to go when it comes to swimming in the ocean.

I’ve come to learn that uplevelling your skills is a combo of two parts. Part 1 is get good training. Then Part 2 is reps reps reps. After doing more reps than you can count you can look back and realise just how awesome you’ve become.

David Pita is an artist and writer and consults as a web designer and conversion copywriter. His writing explores how to thrive and succeed as a human and his art is an expression of vibrant joy.

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