Ocean Swimming for the First Time

March 4, 2019

On Saturday I went for an ocean swim with Bondi Fit Training.

The water was calm and there were barely any waves. “Easy” I thought to myself.

I thought wrong!

I thought I was fit.

I thought I was a legend!

I got smashed. SMASHED.

5 mins into the swim I said “Coach… I think I’m just gonna swim back to shore. I’m good. I can’t do this anymore”.

If only getting out of hard things was that easy!

The next 55 mins were gruelling. It became very clear to me I’ve got a long way to go when it comes to swimming in the ocean.

I’ve come to learn that uplevelling your skills is a combo of two parts. Part 1 is get good training. Then Part 2 is reps reps reps. After doing more reps than you can count you can look back and realise just how awesome you’ve become.

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