Overcoming moments of anxiety

August 22, 2018

This morning I was anxious.

It began in the train. Instead of getting to sit down and enjoy the ride I ended up standing in a weird corner with the book in my bag jabbing me in my back. The anxiety was like a weird uncomfortable presence I couldn’t shake off. Not even leg day at the gym could get rid of it which made me concerned. Normally when going to the gym I feel pumped like a hero and ready for whatever. Not today.

It was time for the last exercise. I didn’t want to leave the gym with this weird feeling hanging over me though. So in the 2 mins between each set I pulled out my phone and wrote about the things that were bugging me- shining a light on the creepy spiders that were crawling in the back of my mind.

Want to know something? The 4-6 minutes I spent writing things down was equivalent to having a 30 minute shower. I instantly felt better, in control and on top my mental game again. To celebrate I did some hanging crunches which felt pretty cool.

Reflection question

  1. Do you have any thoughts that are cycling through your mind that are taking away your peace?
  2. Try writing them down to get them out of your head. Writing them down will help you process on move beyond.

To your success.

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