Photographing sharks underwater while an underwater volcano is going off

This awesome photo is by Lucas Handley  a free diver, marine scientist and boss underwater photographer.

This morning I went to a talk he delivered for Creative Mornings Sydney.

It was cool hearing his story about photographing sharks underwater WHILST an underwater volcano was going off AND doing that whilst holding his breath ????????????????????????Boss level 9000! ????

What struck me from the talk was using your mind and logic to calm down your body when it’s freaking out and panicking.

You see… when you’re 30 metres deep underwater without an oxygen tank or a ready supply of oxygen your brain can freak out. And that’s a normal physical response. BUT… if you learn to control the freak out, relax and contextualise what’s going on with accurate data…. there’s so much coolness and beauty for you to explore and experience.

I figure that applies for life on land too. You’re in a situation that triggers your fight or flight response. Instead of resorting to an instinctual meltdown, relax, calm down and see the facts of the situation. Then use those facts as fuel for your next step.

I’m looking forward to learning freediving in the future!

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