Results from my two week social media fast

A few weeks ago I found that hopping onto FB and Instagram became my default state whenever I had a free moment.

Which is a pretty shitty thing to do. I was training myself to be a consumer of content rather than a creator. I was living life on the sidelines watching other people win, and the more I watched the more I felt stuck.

I realised I was wasting hours a day on FB and always felt shitty about myself after hopping off Instagram. What started off as fun became damaging.

So I took action. I logged out of FB on all my devices and created a random password with 20 different characters. Did the same for Instagram.

The result? Being more engaged in my own life. Running my own race with more conscientious energy. Eliminating self doubt and barely spending money on shit I don’t need. Stopped comparing myself to other people. Began to find my own answers again instead of having other people plant their ideas in my mind.

I’ve got Instagram on my phone again as I want to start posting there again and FB s easy to login from my phone again. But things are different now.

When I have a free moment, instead of plugging myself into a vortex of other people’s lives, worlds and opinions I spend time thinking. Reading. Writing.

It all adds up.

Two weeks of not using IG and barely using FB have rewired the pleasure sensors in my brain. I no longer associate those apps with pleasure. I get greater joy in connecting with myself by reading, writing and thinking.

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