Feeling Sadness and Disconnection from Nature during the Australian Bushfires

December 4, 2019

When life’s a little crazy, I like to head into nature. But I couldn’t do that. Not with the smoke that was filling the air.

The smoke affected me pretty badly and I had to go home early. Until then the bushfires were something I only knew anecdotally or through the news.

Breathing the thick smoke put a hole in my heart as I faced the possibility of a summer without any outdoor adventures or being in nature. Being in nature is my favourite way to connect with myself and loved ones and really feel alive. The prospect of not being able to be outside in the expansiveness of natural beauty made me feel ‘spaced out’ and ungrounded.

For a moment I felt connected to the loss felt by indigenous cultures when their access to land and nature was taken away from them when being in nature was such a core central part of their lives.

It’s encouraging to see the smoke has lifted a little bit this morning.

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