Swimming 48 laps For the First Time

February 6, 2019

I swam 2.4k’s today. 48 laps. Feeling accomplished and a little tired.

Compared to yesterday this morning was really fun. Yesterday my brain was freaking out as I was swimming. Until then all I had were 1:1 swim lessons, but now swimming with a swim squad I was on my own. My brain didn’t like it. I was convinced I was going to die. No joke.

I wanted to get out of the pool so many times and never swim again in my life. Screw surfing, screw ocean swimming and screw triathlons. No way.

Around half way through I began to relax and not pay attention to my mind. It was good learning. When you’re on a mission a part of you- probabaly a big part of you is going to scream it’s lungs off telling you to stop. But if you stop you’ll spend the rest of your life living with a limitation because you stopped yourself when you could have kept on going. I’m glad I kept on swimming.

Today was a lot more fun. My goal is to be able to go on 1km + ocean swims by the end of the month by building up my endurance in the pool. I think I’ll get there.

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