The 4C Model for Career Success

I love frameworks. They reduce complexity and give clarity and certainty to the actions we take. I was searching for a career framework that made sense for me and couldn’t find one, so I thought to make one for myself. This framework is useful for any service provider that wants more visibility, more clients and more certainty in their future.

The 4C Model

  • Craft
  • Content
  • Community
  • Course


This means spending time getting better at your craft and upskilling.

Ideas on how to do this

  • Sign up to a course that will expand your skillset.
  • Read the best books in your field.

Benefits of doing this

  • Stay on the cutting edge and improve your service.
  • Increase the value of what you’re offering.
  • Increase your earning potential.


This means sharing what you know. If no one knows that you know something, do you really know it?

Idea on how to do this

  • Share what you know in the form of articles, videos and social media posts.

Benefits of doing this

  • Crystalise your knowledge into artefacts that demonstrate you know your craft.
  • Sharing your knowledge is the easiest form of selling and promoting yourself.


This means connecting with people in your industry, making friends and meeting potential collaborators.

Ideas on how to do this

  • Engage with your industry on the social network that makes sense.
  • Schedule and sign up to any conferences and events that are happening.
  • Join a community that meets regularly.
  • Send out a regular email newsletter sharing what you’ve learnt in the past week, and links to any content you’ve created.

Benefits of doing this

  • Increase your network and the number of people who know what you do.
  • Feel connected and get support from others.
  • Open yourself up to serendipitous opportunites from your network.


This means packaging what you know into a course that people can take. This liberates you from needing to do the same work over and over again because people can take your course instead of hiring you.

Ideas on how to do this

  • Imagine you’ve been hired by a university, or professional association to teach newbies how to do what you do. Identify the building blocks of skills and knowledge that they need to know.
  • Schedule time in your calendar to create the content.
  • Use a tool like Loom to film yourself delivering the content.
  • Upload the videos to a course platform like Teachery which can easily handle the tech side.
  • Offer it for sale on your website.

Benefits of doing this

  • Liberate yourself from time for dollars.
  • Become leveraged. Instead of doing the same thing over and over again, do it once and get paid multiple times for it.
  • Increases the price you can charge for 1:1 work.

Each of these components of the model help each other.

Craft gives you material for content.

Content gets your name out there, proves your expertise and increases demand for your service. It also gives you stuff of value you can share with community.

Community gets your name out there, creates a bubble of support and increases demand for your service.

Course is how you can grow your income without needing to work any harder when the demand for your service exceeds the time you have to offer.

A word of caution – this model hasn’t been tested in my reality. So it’s just conjecture at the moment. But I’ve got skin in the game and am restructuring how I spend my time on a day to day basis so that I can see if this framework works in the real world.

If you’re looking to bring some more certainty and clarity to your career give the 4C Framework a go and let me know how it works for you!

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