The ‘Apple’ Mindset

I read an interesting interview with Tim Cook.

One of the questions asked was: “How do you respond to critics who say Apple isn’t as ­innovative as it once was?”

As someone whose seen Samsung release VR headsets for their phones and Microsoft make the Surface Studio and Apple take away the USB ports from the Macbook I’ve thought along similar lines.

Tim Cook’s answer:

“We invest for the long term. We don’t feel an impatience to be first. It’s just not how we’re wired. Our thing is to be the best and to give the user something that really makes a difference in their lives. When you look back in time, the iPod was not the first MP3 player. The iPhone was not the first smartphone. The iPad was not the first tablet. I could go on.

If you get caught up in the shiny thing du jour, you lose sight of the biggest forest….”

That’s contrarian advice right there.

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