The Exhilaration of Running on the Beach

Feb 5, 2020 | Joy of Being Alive, My Experience

I ran along the beach one evening. I felt inspired to write a little about my experience….

Kilometres of vast beach stretch before me, the ocean swells beside me and the nascent moon sits in the sky.

My legs run, they glide, they fly.

My lungs hurt but my mind wills me faster. Faster I run, faster I fly, pride fills my heart I can run, I can leap I can touch the sky!

But now the sand is shifting beneath my feet, the ocean snakes before me, reaches out to grab me. Fishermen’s wire slows my pace and bluebottles abound about this place.

I slow, I falter, I gasp for breath, the moon shifts higher, the darkness settles. Lights twinkle far from here but spirit is strong and I run beyond.

Faster now, faster! The end is but a mile away. Heart leaps, heart soars and powered by joy, powered by love, powered by spirit I run the shore.

Time stills, time slows, I could do this forever but the time to end, the time to slow, the time to stop appears before me.

Time to go home now, to rest and recover I hop in the car grateful forever.

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