This is Jeff Bezos’s favourite motto

I learnt a new Latin phrase from Jeff Bezos the other day.

“Gradatim ferociter”

It’s a phrase he loves so much he made it the motto of his company Blue Origin.

So what does it mean?

It means “Step by step. Ferociously”.

When you’re a company like Blue Origin and build rockets with the goal of colonising other planets, this is a good motto to have. When the goal is so ridiculously difficult and the chances of success are so small, two strategic options present themselves.

Option 1) Give up, pack up shop, call it a night. The dream was fun while it lasted.

Option 2) Buckle down, commit to the long haul and determine to fight it out inch by inch to achieve the goal.

Option 2 is an example of gradatim ferociter in action.

It’s how rockets are launched into space and the laws of entropy and atrophy are overcome.

Reflection questions:

1) Where have you been a little too patient and chilled out, but not backed your patience with ferocious action?
2) What exciting new possibilities could you create for yourself if you amped up your ferocity levels in pursuit of a worthy goal?

Your answers to these questions will give you some ideas on what you can do next.

To your success and gradatim ferociter.

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