Two choices when the alarm goes off

Imagine this…

You’re asleep, in la la land, floating on a cloud. Allll is good.

Then a foreign sound invades your consciousness. An alarm.

You fade and go back to sleep.

Yet the alarm continues its sound.

Will it ever stop!

Then you realise- it’s not your partners alarm. It’s YOUR alarm. And for it to stop YOU need to turn it off.

Because you’re clever, the alarm is in a other room. You can’t just lean over and switch it off. No, you need to get out of bed to make the sound end.

So you get up and stumble in the dark towards the source of the sound.

As you shuffle forward a thought flashes in your mind. “Let’s turn off the alarm to get an extra hour of sleep. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a good idea.”

In those seconds of shuffling, a decision tree presents itself to you.

Do you:

A) Get an extra hour of sleep, but sacrifice your morning routine that makes you more grounded and connect you with your power?

B) Stay awake, do your morning routine and feel like the Commander of your Domain?

This morning I’m glad I chose B)

Many times in the past few weeks I’ve chosen option A)

However, after experiencing the pros and cons of each option, I’ve found option B) to be far better.

PS. In the end options A) and B) are false dichotomies. Or at least should be. One should wake up feeling energised and rested. This is something I know I need to work on.

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