What to do when you hear contradictory advice

There’s a lot of advice that’s being shared out there.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming and you can forget your inner compass and not do what you want to do because you’re stuck listening to what everyone has to say.
That’s been my experience for a while. It’s only been recently that I feel I’ve stood on my own two feet and stopped taking other voices so seriously and started to trust and rely on myself more.

Anyway, back to the point. Many times when advice is given it’s presented very forcefully. Like “this is the only way things can ever be done”. The thing is, reality is so vast and the population of humans is so big that for every success strategy, it’s very likely there’s someone out there who did the exact opposite and is experiencing success.

That’s why I believe in conducting experiments.

After experimenting you may find some ‘advice’ is terrible for you and totally not work. Some advice may be awesome and exactly what you needed.

The benefits of experimenting and trying things out is that you end up living life your way. The way that’s best for you. The way that works for you.

Metaphorically- it’s like wearing clothes that fit instead of wearing baggy hand me downs that don’t fit at all.

Here’s to dressing well.

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